These future focus areas highlight the Foundation's commitment to education, conservation, sustainability, and community engagement. Here's an overview of their upcoming initiatives:

  • 3-Year Birthday Legacy Foundation Fundraiser (April 2024, Half Moon Bay, California, USA): A celebration that marks the foundation's growth and future aspirations, inviting global participation.
  • Cystic Fibrosis - Crossing for a Cure (June 25th, Bahamas - Miami): An inspiring event, paddling from the Bahamas to Miami, for Cystic Fibrosis, empowering women with CF, symbolizing the determination resilience and hope, while raising money and awareness in support of those battling Cystic Fibrosis.
  • School Build in Kenya (July 2024): Embarking on a journey to empower a disadvantaged community in the heart of Kenya, through education, planting forests, which simultaneously feeds, sustains and supports communities, while leaving a lasting legacy.
  • Chris Bertish Foundation Launch and Fundraiser in South Africa (July 2024, Cape Town): A pivotal moment, marking the Foundation’s expansion and deepening impact in South Africa.
  • Global Ocean Classroom Sessions and Collaborative Partnerships (July 2025/6/7): Harnessing the power of Technology and the ability to connect education and adventure, live through the Foundation Ocean Projects, to inspire the next generation of conservationists and leaders worldwide.
  • Beach Cleanups in South Africa and the USA: Mobilizing communities for environmental stewardship, fostering a sense of global responsibility and action.
  • Word Forest and Sea Trees Partnerships: Collaborative efforts in reforestation and oceanic restoration, symbolizing a commitment to a greener, healthier planet.
  • Powerful Foundation Videos: Captivating storytelling to broaden the Foundation's reach and impact, showcasing the transformative journeys and initiatives.
  • Comprehensive Mentorship Programs: Expanding mentorship to various demographics, nurturing potential and fostering growth in diverse communities, through the Boys to Men Program- USA, the 9Miles Project and Surfers not Street Kids in RSA.
  • 'Stoked' Book Second Edition Launch (2025): A literary beacon of inspiration, focused on becoming the most giving book ever made, reinforcing the Foundation’s ethos of empowerment and positive change, partnering with Hospitals in SA, Kenya & USA to gift even further.
  • Trans Cat Project (2024/2025/2026): Another World first, adventure by Chris Bertish- Impossible, which encapsulates the spirit of exploration and discovery, while inspiring our youth, building schools, planting forests while simultaneously educating the youth on Ocean adventure/ advocacy, courage, passion and purpose, while demonstrating the importance of giving back community, people and planet.
  • Upscaling the schools we build with Solar, the addition of Libraries and Water Solutions Integration over (2025/ 2026/ 2027/ 2028): These are ambitious goals which amplify the Foundation's impact by implementing sustainable infrastructure to the schools we are building and supporting.

    A bold undertaking from February to July 2022, where Chris Bertish became the first human to wing foil across any ocean!

    • This incredible journey not only raised almost $10,000 for charity but also amplified the urgent message on ocean pollution and climate change.
    • Global Reach: Over $5 million in reach and 2.2 million impressions.
    • World Records: 2x World Records set during this epic adventure.
    • First ever Ocean-themed Classroom YouTube Sessions, reaching kids and adults globally.


  • The Chris Bertish Foundation has been funded since 2020 through Chris Bertish - I’mPossible to be able to build this nonprofit. All funds raised through the wing project from May 25th - August 25th will be shared between Conservation International, Sea Shepherd, and the Chris Bertish Foundation. All money through the Chris Bertish Foundation will be split to reimburse the expenses of running the project and donated to The Two Oceans Education Foundation outreach & sponsorships, Operation Smile Operations, giving books to children in need, planting trees at Heyerdahl Climate Parks, & creating live ocean classrooms. Once the wing project is complete, the Foundation will operate as usual, collaborating on beach clean ups and having Chris speak at different schools highlighting conservation and ocean health issues all around the world, and being an ambassador for positive change. We’ll continue to work with our partners, creating more impact and awareness around the world. Chris will also continue to do mentorship programs with the 9 Miles Foundation in South Africa and sponsor books and educational curriculums to disadvantaged kids in different communities.