Chris Bertish Foundation Partners with Oceans Unite


We are proud to announce a new and exciting partnership with Ocean Unite. We’re honored to be part of the Ocean Unite Network community of powerful voices for ocean conservation and excited to work with the Ocean Unite team on the upcoming TransPac Wing Crossing, to amplify the message on protecting our ocean.
This is a partnership that came naturally to us, as we are completely aligned on our mission, vision and values to protect our ocean and the planet. In everything we do at Chris Bertish I’mpossible and through the Chris Bertish Foundation, we find a way to give back to the Ocean, people, education and planet and with my upcoming TransPacific Crossing, I’ll be working directly with Ocean Unite to spread awareness of their 30×30 Campaign, to strongly protect 30% of the world’s ocean by 2030. Even though the ocean covers 70% of the Earth’s surface, only 2% is fully protected and the rest is open to destructive activities like fishing, mining, and pollution. By protecting 30% of the Ocean, we can build the resilience of ocean life to adapt to climate change and buffer it from other threats such as overfishing.
We all need to work together to make 30×30 a reality, to ensure a vibrant and healthy Ocean for not only our generation, but for future generations to follow!
“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Chris Bertish as he takes to the sea for 30×30, learning, teaching and sharing all along the way. Political leaders need to be as brave and decisive as Chris and make 2021 the year in which they take bold action to conserve, protect and build the resilience of our ocean for generations to come.” – Karen Sack, CEO, Ocean Unite